Ctrl Alt Design

Ctrl Alt Design is an award winning design agency who provides bilingual branding, print and web design for companies and individuals all over the UK.

Ctrl Alt Design have supported the Relics project with a range of Design services and the wonderful gift of this website. Many Thanks to the team, and in particular Richard Chitty & Max Hicks for all of their tireless efforts in making this site a reality.


4π Productions

4π Productions are an experiential art, marketing and events company that offers creative solutions utilising 360° content. 4π develop creative projects and platforms for audience engagement and collaborate with like minded companies and brands to enhance and expand their projects potential and reach.

4π explore the spherical realm by producing interactive installations, environmental sculptures, virtual tours and immersive experiences which provide their projects and clients with the ability to reach out to audiences in new and engaging ways.

National Waterfront Museum

The National Waterfront Museum tells the story of industry and innovation in Wales, now and over the last 300 years.

The Industrial Revolution in Wales had a tremendous effect on People, Communities and Lives as well as that of the rest of the World. Visitors can soak up the history with a breathtaking mix of old and new in the city’s rapidly developing maritime quarter.

The Museum has helped Relics through access to its archives as well as the use of its facilities when hosting a work-in-progress show in late 2014 and in 2016 the Museum will be hosting the main touring exhibition. .

Wales Millennium Centre

As one of the UK’s leading arts centres, the Wales Millennium Centre promotes, creates and presents the best international, national and local work across artforms, from large scale musical theatre to opera, drama, dance, both classical and contemporary, to circus. In the last 12 months the Centre has developed the work it produces and co-produces, ensuring relevance to communities across Wales and further afield, and encouraging aspiration.


Cadw is the Welsh Government’s historic environment service working for an accessible and well-protected historic environment for Wales. Its three main aims are to conserve Wales’s heritage, to help people understand and care about their history and to sustain the distinctive character of Wales.

Cadw is a Welsh word meaning ‘to keep’ or ‘to protect’. Cadw have been providing invaluable guidance and support throughout the conception & delivery of the Relics project. Special thanks should be extended to Dr Ffion Reynolds for her helpful support throughout the project and for all the passionate and dedicated individual site staff.

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Arts Council Of Wales

The Arts Council of Wales is the country’s funding and development organisation for the arts. It is an independent charity, established by Royal Charter in 1994 and its members are appointed by the Welsh Government’s Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism.

Its principle sponsor is the Welsh Government and it also distributes funding from the National Lottery, raising additional money from a variety of public and private sector sources.

The Arts Council of Wales has supported the Relics project through an initial Research & Development grant and more recently through a large production grant for individuals.

Caernarfon Photospheres First Installation

RELICS AT CAERNARFON CASTLE from janire najera on Vimeo.

We have just returned from a very successful first installation of the largest photosphere in the project to date (and indeed history) at the absolutely stunning Caernarfon Castle.

The Photosphere is 3.8m in diameter giving it an image surface area of over 51 square metres! Without a doubt the largest image I’ve ever printed and to my knowledge likely the largest photosphere in existence (or at least at this resolution!). Big thanks must go to Jay Jay Sports for their continued support through the development of the photospheres and in particular for they recent sponsorship of the Relics project which has made this sphere a possibility.

The Sphere was up for 2 complete days and the public were captivated with both the detail and scale of the piece and many commented on how they felt it should be permanently installed at the site. We couldn’t have had two better days weather wise and the staff at the site were incredibly helpful throughout so big thanks to the Cadw Staff at Caernarfon. Special thanks to Janire Najera and Menna Alwen Thomas for their support during this install.

Stay posted to the site for images and timelapses from this installation as soon as I have a chance to render them up. Im excited to see them myself!