Touring exhibition flight-cases are almost done!

The Relics project has always had audience accessibility as a core objective throughout its development and delivery. In this spirit a large selection of the art pieces have been designed to allow for easy display both indoors and out. By creating sturdy and weatherproof solutions it is hoped that the project can reach the widest possible audiences through its deployment as a street gallery.

To make this feasable I have been working closely with the custom carpentry company, 1UP LIVING. Myself and the wonderful Jonathan Hicks have just finished the 8th day of hardware creation and the main exhibition components are now almost complete. This includes 6 custom photosphere bases as well as 4 unique free standing double faced light boxes which excitingly and unique to the project, can break apart into 8 individual wall mountable panels.

Be sure to come and check out the work and its unique display solutions when it is exhibited for the first time at the Wales Millennium Centre from the 20th June. The Photospheres will be visible in the main Boy Office with the Light boxes up on the second floor gallery.

Big Thanks must also go out to ACT Repro for doing such a good job printing the C-Types & front & reverse mounting them in Perspex.