Pentre Ifan Installation

We have just returned from a beautiful night and morning shooting at Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber in Pembrokeshire. The sphere looked simply out of this world and some great time-lapses were crafted under the stars. For this installation I was assisted by Janire Najera & Michal Iwanowski, who were incredibly helpful with all the kit and were great company throughout.

It was great to meet two separate couples at the site who had both witnessed the Tintern Abbey Photosphere earlier in the week. It seems Wales is sometimes smaller then you think!

Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber, Pembrokeshire

Pentre Ifan is the name of an ancient manor in the civil parish of Nevern, Pembrokeshire, Wales. It contains and gives its name to the largest and best preserved neolithic dolmen in Wales. The Pentre Ifan monument is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and was one of three Welsh monuments to receive legal protection under the Ancient Monuments Protection Act 1882. As it now stands, the Pentre Ifan Dolmen is a collection of 7 principal stones. It is estimated to weigh 16 tonnes and rests on the tips of three other stones off the ground.There are six upright stones, three of which support the capstone. Of the remaining three, two portal stones form an entrance and the third, at an angle, appears to block the doorway.

Photospherical Installation at Pentre Ifan 8th & 9th March

On Sunday 8th & Monday the 9th March I will be installing the 1.3m photosphere at Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber. If you are in Pembrokeshire or fancy a reason to get out this weekend then come on down to this unmanned site and see the artwork in-situ.

This is a stunning site that requires a short 100m walk to access along level ground. It is quite an exposed site so I may have to cancel if the winds are too high.

I will be onsite for the entire installation and am happy to talk so I look forward to seeing some of you down there.